Look for this site to have information added to it soon.

We hope to be putting much more information on this website soon. The goal for this site is to be a location to find basic information on extrusion, with recommendations for resources that my be used for a more complete understanding of the subject. It is not meant to be a standalone resource. As with any technical resource, the viewpoint that works well for us to understand the subject may not be the one that works best for you. Search out resources that are most useful to you. It will take time to get all of the information compiled and added to the site - please be patient! Many changes and updates to come. {Contact}

Basic concepts


Dictionary of Extrusion Terms

Mass and Energy Balance

Functionality of Ingredients

Estimating Extrudate Rheology

Specific Mechanical Energy

Useful Computer Programs

Troubleshooting guide

Suppliers of extrusion equipment

Products made by extrusion (and links to details, where possible)

Cold extrusion processes (particularly pasta and pretzles)

Single screw extruder information

Twin-screw extruder information

Screw information and animation

This site is meant to be a way to make sure some basic tools are available to people interested in extrusion.
We will try to remain true to the intention of the .org domain: non-commercial, and getting information out there.
This site is here for basic information only; it is not here to push any particular products, processes (except extrusion, where appropriate), equipment, or services.
Content of pages not included in this site (including those we are directly linked to) are in no way an endorsement of any advertisement or views of those sites or any sites farther connected to them.